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Are you aware of the differences between a rug and a carpet? You may be struggling with the problem of Carpet vs. Rug! Here is a big difference:

Rugs are usually small and do not totally fit into your space, while the carpets are floor covering stretch wall to wall, and are big enough to cover all over the floor. Choosing between these two types of floor covering is up to your taste and space. If you are thinking of a living room and you are about to use sofas, it's better not to use carpets under the sofa's feet but, for rooms like bedrooms the carpets will be a great choice to make. 

The pattern that a rug or carpet gets woven with, is based on the originality that it comes from. The carpets from Iran is way more different from the one from Italy. Both are beautiful and is upon you to choose which!

Carpet cleaning is another major preoccupation you'll face after buying carpet but, let us make you ease by telling you our fine textured carpets are super easy to clean just with regular vacuum cleaners. In case of any stinks, you should just easily clean its surface with a neat fabric.

Hundreds of Carpets in different styles, colors, types, and textures are available at letting you choose whichever suits your place and taste best. The unique patterns for the bedroom and modern ones for the kitchen flooring!

Persian rugs and Persian carpets are the Home Crown's special offer for those who are passionate about originality at affordable prices.

Take a look at the rugs and carpets category on the website, order your favorite one, and pay for it when you receive your order at your door with our "Cash on Delivery" option.


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Blue Carpet

The old-fashioned handmade carpet is one of the most popular objects among the people. But since not everyone can afford it, they use a similar sample of it, which is the vintage machine-made carpet.


Mustard Carpet

If you have a minimalist and straightforward environment along with gentle or neutral colors, the vintage carpet can be an explosion of color, while harmonizing.