Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

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Side tables are a constant companion of furniture, especially sofas. Even if your sofa is on the terrace and you want to talk for hours; These small tables help you to easily and greatly treat your guests.
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The coffee tables are the playful offspring who make the atmosphere more dynamic and fresh when attending the interior decoration of the house. 
AED620.00 (tax incl.)
It is not feasible to pursue the process of convenience serving of guests, without these tiny tables in front of the sofa that can be easily moved. It is impossible for you to constantly move huge tables to serve guests.
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The coffee table is one of the main stuff that is employed along with furniture in the interior design. These tables are far easier to move than the serving tables in front of sofa, due to their tiny size.
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A gorgeous choice for your living room. Black Harlow, this set of two coffee tables is a perfect centerpiece attraction. Topped with subtly textured black marble units, the legs of the tables are made of metal and...
AED609.00 (tax incl.)
A gorgeous choice for your living room. White Harlow, this set of two coffee tables successfully caters to modern aesthetics and demand for something more and out of the box. Topped with subtly textured white marble...

Do you wonder how to host house guests properly? Good coffee, and an even better coffee table! 

Many may not distinguish a side table and a coffee table, but they are two different types of living room tables. Coffee tables are usually lower than side tables or end tables. The height of a side table is taller than a coffee table, and it's about the height of your sofa arm. The end table is for holding the remote control, drink, and snacks; While coffee tables could be smart choices for a centerpiece in your living room. If the space isn't your concern, the surface of a coffee table is larger than a side table.

Choose your desired coffee table according to your living room decoration and design theme, and to complete your hosting set; order some Home Crown serving bowls and platters, candles and incense holders, photo frames, and other decorating ornaments to make your coffee table just yours!

Here is a short story of how does Coffee table come to exist: 

Stuart Foote was a good husband. His wife's impending party would need a centerpiece. So, he put his presidency at The Imperial Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan to good use. He trimmed the legs of a dining table and named it the coffee table. The idea of a coffee table came from the need to put down your hot beverage between sips. These tables, called tea tables were tall at 27″ high, compared to today's coffee tables at 18″-19″ high. 

Home Crown provides modern and minimal designs of coffee tables to fit your exact taste! If you are not sure if the table you chose fits your living room, select the "Cash on Delivery" option and have the chance to examine the perfect look for your living room decoration and the new coffee tables. 

Home Crown provides a wide range of side tables with different styles and materials. Start surfing among the Home Crown’s coffee table category and choose your perfect and practical coffee table now!

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