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The mirror brings light with it. The clarity of the surface reflects the present light in the environment and makes the space look more beautiful. The mirrors, opaque or clear, colored or colorless, large or small, are each another eye.

Mirrors sometimes come to our help and accompany us. Today, using decorative mirrors in houses has become very common. These mirrors are designed and produced in different sizes and models. Some of them have wooden, metal, bronze, steel, and plastic frames, and their color and design can be matched with home interior design style. You can use square or round framed mirrors to decorate the living room and dining area of the house and beautifully adorn the wall. Framed mirrors can be used in toilets and bathrooms. Some models of decorative mirrors do not have frames but are in the form of special geometric shapes. Some decorative mirrors are multi-pieces and by putting their pieces together, a special shape and design can be created.

Luxury wall mirrors are among the fancy mirrors that can be placed in different parts of the house, especially the bedroom. Full-length mirrors give a whole view of people’s appearance, so they are very suitable and efficient for checking the clothing and style before leaving the house.

Paying attention to choosing a mirror that has the most beautiful frame and the most appropriate size gives a new design to home decorations.

These mirrors bring life to lifeless rooms at such a low cost and make the house shine. The light reflected from the mirrors brightens up the room and the space of the house, so it makes the room look more spacious.

To buy mirrors online, you can visit the Home Crown online store. We offer the most modern decorative mirrors on the Home Crown website with the best quality and the most reasonable price. Also according to the COD (Cash On Delivery) option that we have provided for our dear customers, you can pay after you've received your desired product at your door.


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AZRA Standing Mirror

The AZRA Standing Mirror is more than just a functional accessory; it's a statement piece that adds elegance, charm, and a touch of nostalgia to your home. Its regal design, high-quality mirror, and versatile compatibility make it a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their living space. Invest in the AZRA Standing Mirror and indulge in the luxury of admiring yourself in a mirror that truly reflects your beauty.


Crinkel Mirror

Glistening golden twirls paired create an elegant ambience in your home. Our Crinkel Mirror, this piece of wall art will be an abstract choice for your living room or bedroom settings.


Arora Mirror

Arora Mirror, Featuring a albatross feather design around the frame, this circular mirror is a stunning addition to your home décor collection. Crafted from iron and glass, this piece can easily be mounted on a wall in your living room. Modern in appeal, this unique mirror can be wiped clean for regular maintenance.


Koozlar Mirror

Koozlar Mirror, Create a pleasing look for your walls by hanging this charming eye designed mirror on one of them. The loose hangings render a vintage appeal to the piece and enhance its aesthetic appeal.


Salma Mirror

Fancy and decorative mirrors have a great impact on interior design and home decoration. In past, the mirror was only used for checking appearance. But today, wall mirrors with geometric shapes are designed for the beauty and glory of the desired space.


Mosif Mirror

Mosif Mirror, this spectacular Arabic /Moroccan Style Mirror will bring exquisite design and high shine to your home. The lovely glittering Wall Mirror will give your home a fabulous Arabic / Moroccan feel and will definitely draw compliments from everyone.


Hermis Mirror

Hermis Mirror, a stunning wall décor, Moroccan charm designed Mirror creates a magic ambiance Featuring a beautiful cutwork pattern, it promises to brighten your home in shimmering style.


Kuin Mirror

Kuin Mirror, Gold a Beautifully designed metal wall mirror. The intricate cutout design of these mirror make it unique stand out pieces and stunning addition to your home.