Persian carpet

Persian Carpet

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The Persian carpet is a vintage carpet in which multiple colors have been employed. 


The carpet plays a unique and specific role in the decoration of home as an original element and borned of the Iranian artist’s mind. Furthermore, today, this original art is used all over the world with various and pretty images to beautify and revive to the decoration of home, corporation, etc. Whether with designs from Iranian art or along with fantasy designers. The carpet can be used as a disciplinary and organizer element, either as floor covering (flooring) or as a beauty and decorative element (such as pictorial carpets) or as a focal point in the decoration of any environment.

You can also employ the carpet as a factor to cut spaces out such as living room and dining room from each other. The carpet’s designs, images and flowers can be utilized in the design of decorative accessories, furniture and wardrobes, environment decoration and the interior design. Setting the carpet with decoration contributes to double the beauty of the decoration.

The colored palette of the vintage carpet is highly extensive and diverse. You can find from the most neutral colors to the happiest and most prominent colors among this carpet model. It may apparent that the same diversity is also available amongst traditional carpets. But this will not be correct, if you are seeking a carpet that indirectly adds the color to the space. The traditional carpets are generally highly outstanding and loudly announce their attendance in the space. They are even impressed the rest of the furniture in the atmosphere as well.

The Persian carpet is a vintage carpet in which multiple colors have been employed. This carpet is extremely proper for the living room. Have your product delivered the doorway of your home by buying the Persian carpet online from the Home Crown store.

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