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Serving trays are incredibly versatile home decor elements that can be styled in an even wider range of ways. Although they’re called serving trays their functions go way beyond just serving. They help keep you organized, create catch-all spots for similar items, minimize visual clutter, and can tie a room together with a few well-placed accents on top of them. Accessorized table trays are a hot decor trend that looks good in just about any house with any specific style. 

When styling trays it's usually better to use the decorator's timeless rule of 3. items grouped in 3 are more visually appealing and memorable to the human eye versus items grouped in even numbers. It's also more eye-catching to include a tall item, a short item, and an in-between item to balance everything out. Here are some of the many places and ways you can style trays throughout your home:

Decorative Tray for Coffee Table:

 Use a larger tray on the coffee table and style with 3 to 5 items like small books, candles, matches, candle holders, room spray, agate coasters, and maybe a precious stone. A round tray on a square coffee table makes the display more dynamic and the various heights of the objects on it make it look intentional and stylish. Remember to have a decorative item in your home that you love and use to style a tray.

Decorative Tray for Bathroom:

 Having a tray in the bathroom is a great way to keep all your cleansers, moisturizers, soaps, and other essentials organized and in a single spot. Your bathroom tray can include jars that hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, and cotton pads for easy access. A tray in the guest bathroom is a great way to leave out fresh towels and soap that your guests can use during their stay.

Decorative Tray for Dining room:

 Trays are the perfect presentation piece when you’re having guests over. In fact, who needs plates when you can just feed your guests off of decorative trays? Style with drinks/drink accessories like a wine/bottle opener, wine decanter, water pitcher, cocktail shaker, and of course fresh flowers. A circular tray on the dining table holds plates, napkins, and glasses to make it easy to transport things between the kitchen and eating areas.

Decorative Tray for Console/Entryway Table:

An entryway table is one of the first things people see when they walk into your home, so this one is important. You can style a console table tray similar to how you would style a coffee table tray; A vase, candles, and some personal items such as picture frames.

Decorative Tray for Bedroom:

A decorative tray in the bedroom holds anything and everything. Lights, flowers, candles, perfumes, photos, and jewelry are just some of the things you can put on your tray to both keep things organized and look good. If you have a nightstand in your room, you can use a tray to keep morning/evening essentials right where you need them. Your favorite lotion, a relaxing candle with decorative matches, a book, and some chapstick would be great.

Decorative Tray for Kitchen:

The salt and pepper belong with the other frequently used ingredients like oils and garlic, so keep them all together in one convenient spot. It's a more common use of trays to have one on the kitchen counter and sometimes put one next to your coffee maker to make it feel like a mini coffee station. Keep decorative items there as well as sugar packets, a mug or two and some stirring spoons just for show.

Decorative Tray for Bar:

Certain bar objects like martini shakers, decanters, and even some bottles have a classic beauty. Rather than shut away that beauty in a cupboard or cabinet, put your bar tools and bottles on display in a serving tray. It’ll make your space seem more sophisticated and is an easy way to create a stylish vignette.

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