Indoor Plant Pots

Indoor Plant Pots

AED299.00 (tax incl.)
Bring the wonders of nature to your home! A unique plant stand with a black color and a golden base will add beauty and style to your interior. This simple black cylindrical plant stand is a great choice for plants...
AED294.00 (tax incl.)
By using the ARV Plant Stand, you can create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in your home or workplace. Placing your favorite earthy flowers and large leaves in this stand will create a space filled with beauty...
AED342.00 (tax incl.)
The double set of brass plant stand with mesh design is a wonderful idea for the effect of plants in your home. Tall stands allow your plants to stay at room temperature and are perfect for floors with underfloor...
AED224.00 (tax incl.)
Eleanor Flower Rack. Our sturdy plant - flower rack , a matte gold powder coat for additional rust resistance. This elegant and long-lasting plant holder is suitable for inside or outside display in your house or yard.
AED158.00 (tax incl.)
Lirac Flower Rack is a classic and contemporary designed flower rack that will certainly get you compliments.

In today's modern houses, simple decorative items with unique shapes are used to make the house's interior decoration and arrangement more beautiful. A non-written law in the modern and minimal decoration's manifest is that "less is more" and you need to know if the minimal touch is delightful for you. For example, a simple indoor plant pot made of porcelain, metal, or ceramic gives a nice look to the space besides the practical aspect of it. You must have noticed that there is a different feeling in the houses where decorative plants are used in their decoration. In this type of house, emotions like vitality, hope, and closeness to nature ripple easily. Having a plant in the decoration not only makes the space beautiful but also makes the environment healthy and atmospheric, both materially and spiritually. From the material point of view, which is clear, plants absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen back. Therefore, there will always be fresh and pleasant air in the environment. There are different types of indoor plant pots that each person chooses according to his taste and the space in which he is going to put them. The Home Crown store provides different styles of metal, ceramic, and many other plant pots in various colors for flower and plant lovers. For buying planters in Dubai, go to the Home Crown Garden Planters collection with one click, which is dedicated to the sale of decorative and practical Indoor Plant Pots and Outdoor Planters. You have full access to the size and price of planters and information about the best modern and classic pots from reputable brands, and you can easily view their photos and specifications. In addition, you can check out similar products that are almost in the same price range, and it is easy to compare your product with other similar pots. If you have doubts about choosing the product you want; For expert advice, take a photo of your desired space and send it to our colleagues on Instagram. In addition to the help you can get from specialized Home crown sellers, you can also return the product if you are dissatisfied with the color or if it doesn’t match your home decoration.

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