Vases and Jars

Vases and Jars

AED390.00 (tax incl.)
Kalson is a Horse Pattern Decorative Pot/Jar in white with golden lid and  lining . An Ornament Display ceramic jar that will add accent to your space.
AED365.00 (tax incl.)
Santiago is a European Style Black And White  Decorative Pot/Jar. An Ornament Display ceramic jar that will add accent to your space.
AED370.00 (tax incl.)
Everett Jar is a Classic horse pattern Decorative Pot/Jar. An Ornament Display ceramic jar that will add accent to your space.
AED480.00 (tax incl.)
Eliza Jar is Mediterranean Style Ornamental Ceramic round Pot With Golden Lid and Feather Pattern decorative jar. This is a must have collection for your home or office space.

Vases and Jars

If you follow trends in decorative accessories, you must know that in today's modern houses, simple decorative items with special shapes are used to beautify the decoration and interior layout of the house. For example, a long and narrow decorative vase made of crystal, porcelain or white ceramic give wonderful view to the space while being simple.

In homes that decorative apartment plants are used in their decoration, there is a different feeling there. Feelings of vitality, hope and closeness to nature are deeply felt in such houses. Having plants in the decoration not only makes the space beautiful, but also makes the atmosphere of the environment healthy, both practically and spiritually. Considering practical aspect, plants absorb carbon dioxide and return oxygen to us. That is why there will always be fresh air in the environment.

Vases are among the most beautiful and attractive decorations in interior design and various parts of the house. Today, vases can be found in beautiful models and designs. Glass vases are one of the types of vases that, as an attractive accessory, while beautifying the interior of the house by placing natural and fragrant flowers in them, inspire a special calmness.

You can place the vases, these little decoration heroes, on shelves, table, counter or any spot that you think looks beautiful. Also decorate them with natural and colorful flower branches and dried stems.

The use of these glass vases in decorating the home, work environment, etc. is very effective in creating a luxurious decoration. Imagine you have a very small house. Just by using a vase, the atmosphere of this house can be changed as beautifully as possible. Buying glass vases at affordable prices from the Home Crown store will be an interesting experience.

Elements such as sea shells, scallops, starfish, colorful sand and other marine elements are great for filling glass vases. Apart from these, the leaves also fill your vase well and make your decor look more modern. Colorful stones with various sizes and shapes are also available today that can turn a vase into a permanent rainbow.

There are different types of vases that each person chooses a vase according to the taste and decor of his/her home or work environment. In Home Crown store, different types of glass, ceramic, and pedestal vases, in various colors are provided for flower and plant lovers.

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