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Savannah Incense Holder

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Savannah Incense Holder

The use of Incense dates back to more than 5000 years old. The Romans and Egyptians used Incense as a disinfectant, antibacterial and a medicine for treating a wound. As a whole, the majority of Incenses have a soothing effect, and smoking Incenses relieves fatigue, stress, anxiety and creating relaxation. The Scientists, traditional medicine specialists, and botanists have achieved numerous cases as the general properties of Incenses by investigating on Incenses. The natural aromatic combinations of flowers and plants that exist in the Incense, enter the brain system through the nasal cilia and by stimulating the olfactory nerves, which are in charge of emotions, breathing, heart rate, memory and learning, have a considerable impact on moods.

Some types of Incenses have common properties to other types, for instance, eucalyptus and cinnamon Incenses are refreshing. On the other hand, some Incenses have several properties simultaneously; for example, thyme Incense is both effective for treating stress and a strong disinfectant.

To use the pleasant properties of Incense, you should also think about buying an appropriate Incense holder for it. If you are a fan of conical Incenses, Savannah Incense Holder is a suitable option for you, which is responsible for maintaining the Incense and gathering ashes caused by burning of Incense. It gives beauty to your home or workplace and it is also extremely entertaining when burning as the smoke dance in its glass container is fascinating and stunning.


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