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Naomi Incense Holder

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Naomi Incense Holder

The Incenses are available in different shapes and packings in the market. As a whole, Incenses are made of raw woods, chopped or powdered grasses, or even in the form of liquids and oils of plants and grasses. The Incense Holders were also in the form of closed door jugs which holes had been installed in them for smoke extracting, and were made of Chinese or Indian elements. The change in the form of Incenses over time resulted in the deformation and progression in the design of modern Incenses Holders.

The Naomi Incense Holder with a soothing design and color is for those housewives or mothers who are interested in aromatherapy at home and for their family members.  

The diversity aromas make your workplace or life to scent and visual beauty. You can easily use Incense burning for aromatherapy at home. The aromatherapy via Incense is one of the safest, cheapest and most effective treatment methods.

The pleasant aromas in the Incense make the person more active and lively as well as cause the one to communicate with himself internally. Because inhalation pleasant aromas causes and sends neural messages in the brain and the entire neural system and receiving positive reactions.

In the past, Incense was traditionally made of gum and frankincense as well as aromatic woods like sandal wood, bark of trees, seeds, roots, grasses and flowers, which the most reputed of them were frankincense and gum. Today, however, the Incenses in the market are classified into two groups; the original Incenses which are made by traditional procedures and Incenses with essence which have been processed by chemical methods. You should be noted that traditional Incenses have a milder smell in relation to the types with essence. We suggest that if you have a child at home, use traditional and herbal Incenses instead of artificial and chemical ones as much as possible.




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