When it comes to lighting options for the house, there are thousands of methods. All you need to do is to search lighting options for the living room term to find many websites and guidelines about how to do that. Ceiling lights such as pendant lighting, LED lights, and chandeliers; wall lights, floor and table lamps, outdoor lighting, landscape lights, and many other home lighting accessories are waiting for you to choose them and light your home up when no one can deny the popularity of lampshades that have been lightened up the darkness of castles and palaces since ancient times till now!

Lighting options for the bedroom are even more versatile. It's up to you to pick either a classic table lamp with a well-designed lampshade or a modern floor lamp with a monochrome lampshade. In a nutshell, both will renovate the room's atmosphere, making it more romantic and poetic.

If you can't choose between all options you've got in Home Crown we are so ready to help you out! 

First, take a look at this category and surf through all those Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, and Lampshades and select some of them in your mind. Then take a picture of the area you intend to lighten up and send it to us. Our home experts will help you with charges free consultation and give you practical advice to choose the best item that goes best with your house and environment.

Best quality and affordable price are the points of strength we are proud of, and our good taste and beloved customers make that easier for us to keep up with the market trends. 

In the Home Crown's Lighting category, you can find modern, minimal, or classic items to order. By selecting the "Cash on Delivery" option while ordering, you can have your orders delivered to your door and pay then.


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SKYLAND Jug Table Lamp

The table lamp is not only used for lighting, but it is considered as an item in home decoration. The table lamp is easily matched with all kinds of decoration styles and doubles the beauty of the house.

AED587.00 Price