Roni Wall Decor

Flaunting various aqua lotus leaf shapes combined, Roni Wall Décor will fetch you compliments. Featuring an Iron, Nordic style wall decor for your living room background. 

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Roni Wall Décor

It's time to put your old and trite wall sconces away and find yourself a brand new metal wall sconce. Fortunately, Home Crown metal wall sconces are so diverse that you can find any model among them. Even if you have a special opinion on the color of the sconce, you can find the option you want, considering the diversity of the world of metals.

Wall sconces come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. A wall with a stunning wall sconce is definitely more beautiful than an empty wall.

Large wall sconces in the form of art plates or various flower designs are focal points to attract attention to the beauty of the wall behind the sofa in the living room and dining room. You can even set the color of the sconces with other home accessories and add to the beauty of the house.

You can use wall sconces in the entryway, living room, and bedroom. It is better to choose a wall sconce which is suitable for the desired space.

You can get the ‘Roni Wall Décor’ sconce from Home Crown website. To buy this product in Dubai in person, visit  the following address.



PO Box 48471 Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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Product Details

Data sheet

Imported Tinplate
Metal / Iron
Metal Base
Antiseptic Treatment
High Temperature Paint
Stain Proofing
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