Kian Wall Décor

Your modern interior is sure to receive an apt décor touch with this  Kian Wall Décor spectacular piece. 

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Kian Wall Décor

Large walls are often noticeable and showcase the large houses empty. You may have small and large accessories around the house, but none of them will fill the empty walls. Everything has its place in the house and when it is not there, it feels that something is missing.

Empty walls also need paintings or wall decor to enhance the beauty of your room. There are different types of wall decors, including paintings, picture frames, metal wall sconces, and so on.

But metal wall sconces are gaining popularity these days. These wall sconces often have bold designs. If the metals used in the decoration have a rough surface and are not covered with paint, they will add an industrial style to your home.

For a more modern and contemporary look, polished metals with smooth surfaces are used. Larger metal decorations weigh more and, of course, often have better build quality than smaller ones. Metal wall sconces with flower, tree leaves or abstract designs also have their own special fans.

Kian Wall Décor is metal and as a ring surrounded by gold and blue petals.

The Home Crown store has provided a variety of metal wall sconces with a variety of designs. Give your room a unique look by buying these modern metal wall sconces.

Benefit from our affordable prices and high quality products by buying wall sconces online from Home Crown store. In case of any problem, it is possible to exchange the products. To buy Kian Wall Décor in Dubai in person, visit the following address.


By buying accessories for your home in Dubai, you can benefit from affordable prices and high quality products in the Home Crown store.


PO Box 48471 Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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Imported Tinplate
Metal / Iron
Metal Base
Antiseptic Treatment
High Temperature Paint
Stain Proofing
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