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Pale Carpe

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The carpets contribute to the minimal decoration and give it freshness and color.


Some people have houses with different circumstances, which by entering them, you consistently feel good whole-heartedly. But what is the secret of having such a house?

The use of appliances that have soft colors and rather than absorbing the eyes towards themselves, they create positive energy in the entire space, in a way that the furniture next to the curtains, tables and chairs next to the colorful cushions and carpets as well as the floor covering in accordance with decorative accessories of the house, create a perfect scene of minimalism.

The carpets contribute to the minimal decoration and give it freshness and color. The pattern and color of Home Crown’s carpets are the hand-made art of the best Iranian carpet designers. The Pale carpet  has fading patterns with minimal and neoclassical style. Keep in mind that it is by spreading out the carpet on the floor that its shine comes along. The patterns of this carpet are inspired through the frame or brick scheme in the texture of traditional carpets. The features of this carpet comprise the different and special color of this carpet, a neutral and appropriate design for any decoration and home room, the softness of the fiber and the lasting quality after comfortable washing of the carpet.

Buy carpets which are offered in the Home Crown website in various sizes including rugs and carpets (1.5 × 2.25 & 3 × 2). Buy carpets online in the Home Crown website to experience an enjoyable and convenient online purchase. Being easy of the website user interface and inserting of products characteristics completely, cause the buyer safely measure different spaces of his/her home or workplace and corresponding the environment, regulate the floor covering with his/her decoration according to the personal taste.

We’ll choose the best ones for our dear clients. The originality of the design and texture of Iranian carpets is byword throughout the world; we also chose our carpets brand from Iran so as to have various product to offer you.

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