PICARDY Wall Clocks

This decorative wall clock has a classic number design and analog time display.

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AED250.00 (tax incl.)
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This decorative wall clock has a classic number design and analog time display.

Light weight, special design inspired by tree leaves and the presence of curved and semi-circular designs make this watch very stylish and beautiful in the place of use.

If you are looking to buy a gift for your loved ones or want to change the mood of your home by adding a decorative item, we recommend this watch.

You can use this clock at work, living room, dining room and kitchen.

You can easily coordinate this wall clock with different styles of home decoration and give a beautiful effect to your home.

You can see all kinds of wall clocks in Homecrown online store. Manage your time by shopping online from Homecrown  online store.

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Sad Clock, A Contemporary Clock features a chrome border and suspension bar with black-lacquered walnut hands. This is sure to be an additional accent in your home.

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The use of natural elements in decorative accessories, especially wall clocks, makes the house more beautiful.

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Elymus Clock is a colorful classic designed wall clock that take you back to your childhood memories. This wall clock is add memoir to your space. 

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Sunny Clock, an elegant and modern designed wall clock  is a stunning addition to your home décor collection. The unique design and the brilliant finishing make this handmade piece is a must-have for your home.

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Since the clock is an essential tool for any home, it can be placed in all segments of the house. In the past, the clocks were used as a means of demonstrating time and had not any decorative aspect.

Alten Clock is available in four colors: 

White and silver, black and silver, black and gold, white and gold

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Vida Clock is a decorative wall clock made from  Iron Ginkgo Leaf, features layers, and textures all of which will creates soothing feel to your home or office. 

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The missing puzzle to complete the decoration and beauty of the home is the wall clock. Water is a symbol of life, and a wall clock with beautiful fish gives a feeling of aliveness to the home.

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Marmaris Square, Table clock is a classic addition to your living room or bedroom. Vintage Designed with quality material, this square-shaped clock has a quartz operating mechanism. You can easily wipe clean the clock for maintenance and upkeep.




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