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Alice candle

Candles have been used for light giving since ancient times. Therefore, with the advancement of technology in today's world, buying candles and candlesticks may be unreasonable for many and its use in decoration is not justified for some houses; But in homes where beauty and tranquility are speaking, candles and candlesticks certainly play a significant role. Especially if the occupants of the house are lovers of natural elements; Because the energy in the candle flame is very rich and from the point of view of different schools such as the principles of feng shui, lighting the candle is very effective for concentration and restoring peace.

In recent decades, the expansion of urban life, population growth, and consequently the increase in the rate of apartment livings have diminished the relationship of modern man with nature and natural elements. Therefore, in recent years, designers have decided to use natural materials to reconcile the city and urban dwellers with nature and give back spirit and identity to home and urban spaces.

Materials such as stone, wood, symbols of tropical tree leaves and seashells are among the most popular of these elements and materials. In this regard, in the design and production of special and unique candles, natural elements such as coffee, cinnamon and flowers are used to bring the feeling of peace caused by being close to nature to your home.

Alice decorative candle is in the group of Home Crown handmade candles, the decorative part of which is designed in the shape of a seashell, and the goal of the designers is to create calm in the pleasant smell and feeling of the blue sea.

If you are looking for a decorative item for a child's room, kitchen or balcony and open space, we suggest you Alice handmade candle with fireproof glass box.

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