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Choosing the right lampshade for the house is one of the trickiest things to do as all the lampshades look good in the store under the enormous lighting in the shop. It takes just a few hours to take it home and finds out its inconsistency with your home decor and design style.

On the internet, there are thousands of web pages talking about buying lampshade guidelines that you can benefit from. But in the Home Crown online shop, you can order lampshades online using the home design expert advice. Please leave us a message to get your response as soon as possible.

The most significant factor in choosing the right lampshade before its color is its size! In this category, you can find many different sizes of lampshades to fit any room and house space.

One fun fact about the lampshades is that they are so lightweight it is possible to exchange the lampshades of your different lamps to make changes in your room decor. 


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SKYLAND Jug Table Lamp

The table lamp is not only used for lighting, but it is considered as an item in home decoration. The table lamp is easily matched with all kinds of decoration styles and doubles the beauty of the house.

AED587.00 Price