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Modern style sculptures inspired by minimalist design are very special. Because of its simple and modern features, you can use this statue anywhere in the house.

AED310.00 Price


The horse is a symbol of decency and loyalty. Arabian horse is one of the most famous and best horse breeds in the world. One of the best tools for home decoration is the use of horse designs.

AED492.00 Price

DREAMY Ornament

DREAMY Ornament is a true masterpiece that seamlessly combines creativity, art, and nature. With its stunning brass trunk, purple crystal branches, majestic marble base, and playful brass deer companion, this decorative object is a feast for the eyes. 


AED797.00 Price

VIOLET Ornament

The VIOLET Ornament is not just a decorative object; it is a work of art that transcends boundaries and captivates the senses. With its fusion of crystal and brass, this unique ornament brings a touch of sophistication, relaxation, and freshness to any space it graces.

Size: 52x10x56.5cm

AED755.00 Price

SONBOL Ornament

The Crystal SONBOL Ornament stands tall on a solid marble base, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Measuring at 15x10x34cm, it strikes the perfect balance between being a statement piece and fitting seamlessly into your decor. 



AED482.00 Price

Pegasus - Statue

Pegasus - Statue, with its beautiful and attractive design, can be used as one of the best ways to decorate the wall of the room, the wall of the reception hall or the wall above the fireplace.

AED99.00 Price