Arabian Center Branch

Decorative products store!

One of Homecrown's offline sales branches is located in the heart of Dubai, in the Arabian Center Passage. This store is a unique destination for those interested in interior decoration, which provides them with very beautiful and diverse products.

What is Homecrown?

As a reputable and renowned store, we strive to offer our customers top-notch products with unique designs. All of our products are meticulously crafted using the finest raw materials.We specialize in the field of interior decoration and provide products that perfectly align with your preferences and requirements. Our range includes decorations for the living room, open space, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, as well as the TV room and dining area.

We have a special offer for you for one month that you will definitely love!

From June 20 to July 20, we are offering a special promotion at Arabian Center Branch.
If you spend more than 500 AED on your purchase, you will receive a discount of 200 AED for your next purchase.
 At Home Crown, we always strive to provide quality products at affordable prices to meet your needs and desires. We guarantee that your shopping experience at our Arabian Center branch will be enjoyable and unique.
Take advantage of this limited-time offer and save 200 AED on your next purchase by spending over 500 AED.
 Furthermore, when you visit Home Crown branch, you will have the opportunity to experience live shopping and see our products in person.

Arabian Center HomeCrown offers a diverse range of decorative products:

For living room

For Outdoor decor

For Lighting

For Dining Table

We are close!

Our store is a distinctive destination for interior decoration enthusiasts. We will meet all your needs and preferences by offering high-quality products and unique designs. Join us and indulge in an unparalleled interior decoration experience.

Find our location in the photo tube section of the site, come to Arabin Center, you will see our 1st floor!

Why Homecrown is a good choice for you?

All of our products are made from brass, ceramic, and glass. These materials give our products a stylish and luxurious appearance. Additionally, we have carefully designed a comprehensive color scheme for our products to complement various tastes and interior decor.